Large Cent Pcgs

Cent (1/36)

  • 1803 Large Cent Pcgs Small Date, Small Fraction F Fine Details Repaired! Rare
  • 1857 Large Date Large Cent Pcgs Ms65bn Beautiful Gem Coin
  • 1821 Large Cent Pcgs Vf-30
  • 1807/6 Large 7 Draped Bust Large Cent Pcgs Vf-30 Smooth Planchet
  • 1812 Classic Head Large Cent 1c Pcgs Vf35 Large Date
  • 1849 Large Cent Pcgs Ms-64 Bn Newcomb 20
  • 1834 Large Cent Pcgs Xf-45 Large 8, Small Stars, Medium Letters
  • Amazing Old Wheat Pennies Filling Some Huge Gaps In My Wheat Cent Collection
  • 1807/6 Draped Bust Large Cent, S-273, Large 7, Bn, Pcgs Fr02, Scarce Overdate
  • 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent 1c Coin S-47 Certified Pcgs Vf Details Rare
  • 1854 Braided Hair Large Cent Pcgs F-12 Very Attractive For Assigned Grade
  • 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent S-24 Head Of 1794 Pcgs Vg Details Tooled
  • 1960-d Lincoln Cent Au55 Pcgs Certified Mint Error Large Date Interior Die Brk
  • 1804 S-266c R-2 Pcgs Ag 3 Cac Draped Bust Large Cent Coin 1c
  • 1794 Large Cent Penny Pcgs Genuine Holed P/fr Details Head Of 1794 38822815
  • 1844/81 Braided Hair Cent Pcgs Vf-35 Bn Cac